Octavia Arts Modular Housing & Galleries
Hayes Valley, San Francisco, CA


Ignition reimagined the essential qualities of a suburban home for an urban context in the Octavia Arts competition. Our proposal interweaves suburban concepts of neighborhood, lawn, personal garden, and individualized design, within a dense urban framework. Neighborhood interaction is encouraged by interspersing attractive public resources such as community gardens, viewing terraces, galleries, a café and a flower shop throughout the project.

A retractable, stainless steel pin display, equipped with LEDs, showcases digital community artwork at the corner of this modular residential project. This articulated corner at Market Street and Octavia Boulevard creates a dynamic gateway to the Hayes Valley neighborhood.

A digital veil at the corner of Market and Octavia forms a dynamic neighborhood gateway though an interactive electromechanical construct which showcases community multimedia artwork.

Octavia Arts advances an existence that is harmonious with nature, underlining the importance of sustainability and modularity. Sustainable principles include solar power, grey-water, xeriscaped gardens, passive solar controls and sustainable finishes. Modular construction techniques further limit waste, forming an efficient, individualized dwelling.



Construction Type

Type I

Construction Cost


New / Renovation



2006 Merit Award, On-The-Boards, Residential Architect Magazine; 2005 San Francisco Prize, Third Place

Sustainable Design

LEED Platinum Targeted


16 / Studio, 2BR and 3BR

For Sale/Rental

For Sale


None (Transit-Oriented Development)

Site Area

0.3 acre

Building GSF

60,000 GSF

Community Outreach

Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA)


This project was collaboration between Ignition Architecture and ellipsis a+d.