A foodie’s paradise, get in my belly!


We love sharing fun facts about our little Island City, Alameda. We also love our location right on Park Street. Park Street if filled with charm, a small town feel 30 minutes from San Francisco, and more food options than you can imagine.

“Park Street in Alameda, California could easily be considered a foodie’s paradise. There’s no chance you’ll go hungry in this town because it’s full of amazing places to eat.”

We’ve got it all, from charming “Mom and Pop” coffee shops, Peet’s, Starbucks, to all kinds of ethnic fare: Cambodian, Ethiopian, Lithuanian, Thai, Italian, German. BBQ, and everything in between.

If your a lover of Traditional or Fusion American cuisine, we’ve got you covered too! ¬†Check out how cool this little gem of a town is…and spread the word (just not too far).