Spotlight: Dogpatch is the leader of the Pack in SF.


Our home away from home wins Curbed SF’s Neighborhood of the Year.

“Dogpatch finished with 63.25 percent of the vote in the end. Competitor Hayes Valley—a tireless fighter in its own right—made quite a bit of ground on the new champ, coming back from an early deficit (the vote split almost 80-20 for Dogpatch the first day) to nip at the heels of its fleeter rival several times but never catching up before polls closed.

Back in 2016, Dogpatch didn’t even make it into the bracket, as voters favored its more established neighbor to the south, Bayview. But 2017 proved a big year for the city’s canine concourse, as new businesses brought a quintessentially SF-like bounty of bagels, barbecue, and local art to the neighborhood scene.”

We love this neighborhood’s energy, food and endless coffee supply. Go Dogpatch, Go!